Collaborative paper with Durrant group accepted and now available open access
Congratulations to Dr Claire Burgess who successfully defended her PhD thesis - well-done Claire!
Claire Burgess begins appointment as PDRA, supported through the EPSRC
Doctoral Prize Fellowship
Huda Ahli joins the Research group
September Congratulations to Dr Jorge Costa Dantas Faria who successfully defended his PhD thesis - well-done Jorge!
Congratulations to Dr Rob Maller who successfully defended his PhD thesis - well-done Rob!
May Rob’s paper accepted “Probing the doping mechanisms and electrical properties of Al, Ga and In doped ZnO prepared by spray pyrolysis” view it here
Congratulations to Dr Yoann Porte who successfully defended his PhD thesis - well-done Yoann!
Congratulations to Dr Kirsty Roy who successfully defended her PhD thesis - well-done Kirsty!
February Jiaqi’s first paper published “Low-Temperature Solution-Processed Electron Transport Layers for Inverted Polymer Solar Cells” here
January Yoann’s paper accepted “Exploring and controlling intrinsic defect formation in SnO 2 thin films” view it here
Rob Hewlett’s review paper “Surface Structure Modification of ZnO and the Impact on Electronic Properties” published, see it
Collaborative paper from Prof. Binion’s group at QMUL accepted for publication
Jorge’s J Mat Chem C paper is now available online here
Jiaqi wins poster prize at the Departmental Postgraduate Research Day
Jiaqi wins best poster prize Imperial/Nanjing collaborative Workshop, Nanjing, China
January Congratulations to Dr Rob Hewlett who successfully defended his PhD thesis - well-done Rob!

Maurizio joins the research group
Jorge wins ‘Best Scientific Content of a poster’ prize, Department of materials postgraduate research day!
Joe leaves the group for a Research Fellow position Energy Research I Institute at NTU (ERI@N)

Materials Research Society Fall meeting - Martyn and Joe attended and excellent meeting
November New members of the CNMS User Executive Committee announced
Vice-Chair– Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb (Georgia Tech)
Secretary – Milan Buncick (AEgis Technologies Group)
At-Large Members
Zheng Gai (ORNL/CNMS)
Martyn McLachlan (Imperial College, London)
Ray Unocic (ORNL/CNMS)

Appointed as Associate Editor - Journal of Electronic Materials.
Jiaqi Zhang joins the research group as a new PhD student. Jiagi is sponsored through the CSC scheme.
Mr Keisuke Nauchi (Nagoya Institute of Technology) joins our group for a 3-month exchange…welcome!
Rob Maller presents his poster “Spray pyrolysis of transparent conductive aluminium doped zinc oxide (AZO)” at ECME 2013 at London’s Science Museum.

Congratulations to Claire Burgess who successfully completed her ESA examination - welcome to the PhD!
Congratulations to Dr Jon Downing who successfully defended his PhD thesis - well-done Jon!

Masters Curricula Review for Skolkovo Institute of Technology (Skoltech) at EPFL, Lausanne.

November-December 2012

Materials Research Society Fall meeting - the research group were well represented in Boston and enjoyed a fantastic meeting, a few of us even found time for some lobster!
Oral Transparent Conducting Oxide Top Contacts for Organic Photovoltaics; Structural and Electronic Properties and Devices, Joseph Franklin, Mary Ryan, Martyn McLachlan
Poster Synthesis and Characterisation of Perovskite Oxide Materials on Zinc Oxide for Photovoltaic Applications, Robert Hewlett, Jonathan Downing, Natalie Stingelin, Martyn McLachlan.
Oral Hybrid Solar Cells: Understanding the Influence of Conjugated Polymer Morphology on Device Performance, Jonathan Downing, Mary P Ryan, Andrew Payzant, Martyn A McLachlan
Oral The Role of Ferroelectric Interlayers on Hybrid Photovoltaic Device Performance, Robert Hewlett, Natalie Stingelin, Martyn McLachlan
Poster Low Temperature Processing of High Mobility ZnO Thin Film Transistors on Flexible Substrates, Joseph Franklin, Thomas Anthopoulos, Martyn McLachlan
Poster Optimising Metal Oxide Electron Injection Layers in Hybrid Organic- inorganic LEDs, Jorge Costa Dantas Faria, Alasdair D Campbell, Martyn A McLachlan

October 2012
1st October Appointed Lecturer in Functional Nanomaterials

Mr Akira Kawai (Nagoya Institute of Technology) joins our group for a 3- month exchange…welcome!

September 2012

19th September Congratulations to Kirsty Roy one of the winners of ‘best talk’ at the annual plastic electronics DTC presentations. The external advisory board selected the winning talks.
18th September
Congratulations to Jorge who won the best poster prize at the 6th Society for Information Display Organic Electronics UK meeting 2012 – well done!

14th September CNMS User Meeting, Oak Ridge National laboratory, USA
7th September Mr Yasutaka Ishihara (Nagoya Institute of Technology) joins our group for a 3-month exchange…welcome!
July 2012
16th - 21st July Final Organic Electronics and Applications (OREA) workshop and summer school in Chania, Crete.
6th July Congratulations to Dr Joe Franklin who successfully defended his PhD thesis - well-done Joe!
June 2012
KAUST Academic Excellence Alliance - Award Announced
Towards fully printable complementary electronics on flexible substrates ($2,000,000 Imperial)
Dr Natalie Stingelin, Dr Jon Weaver (Materials), Dr Martin Heeney (Chemistry), Prof Thomas Anthopoulos (Physics) with Professors Amassian, AlShareef and Rothenberger (KAUST)

May 2012
22nd May 1st CPE affiliates day
2nd May
EPSRC First Grant – Award Announced
Engineered bulk heterojunction inorganic:organic hybrid photovoltaics (£124,633)

April 2012
14th - 18th Apr
RSC-CCS Symposium on Organic and Molecular Materials for Light Harvesting.
11th Apr
Gates foundation award continues to attract media attention - Daily Mail
4th Apr
Call for User Proposals: High Impact Nanoscience Research
Centre for Nanophase Materials Sciences
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Closes 2nd May

March 2012
29th Mar
Royal Society Research Grant - Award Announced
Measuring charge carrier mobility in semiconducting thin-films: The role of processing, microstructure and composition (£14,190).
14th Mar
Gates award features on Imperial College News & Events
February 2012

29th Feb
Joe Franklin’s paper available online - here.
20th Feb
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Award Announced
Dr Steven Cobb (Department of Chemistry, Durham University), Dr Sarah Haigh (School of Materials at The University of Manchester University) and Dr Martyn McLachlan (Department of Materials, Imperial College London) have just been award a highly competitive Grand Challenges Explorations Grant (100,000 USD) from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The project titled “Something from Nothing: Developing technologies for Energy Recovery from Sewage Waste” will design a novel technology that will have the ability to convert fecal sludge into a useable fuel source (hydrogen). The interdisciplinary team proposes to develop a macroporous scaffold that can support bacterial cells and metal nanoparticles that work together to catalyze conversion of fecal sludge into hydrogen for electricity. This technology could be used as a stand-alone sanitation solution or integrated into existing sewage pipe networks.

Both the formation of this research team and the conception of the original idea were the direct product of a recent EPSRC Inspire event (Warwick, March 2011), designed to stimulate collaboration between young academics working in different disciplines.